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Dorm Canaday
Yard Oak

Canaday is a freshman dorm in Oak Yard. It is the newest freshman dorm and also one of the largest.


Canaday is the newest freshman dorm, and was constructed in 1974. Rumor has that because the building was constructed in the aftermath of student protests during the Vietnam War, specific features were built into Canaday to make it "riot-proof." These include an additional locked door between the dorm rooms and the stairwell, and a more vertical design structure than other dorms.


Canaday is split into 7 entryways, A-G. Each entryway consists of a tower in the larger Canaday structure, and typically has between 4 or 5 floors. Proctors typically live on the ground floor. Canaday is known for a high likelihood of receiving a single dorm freshman year, with many hallway singles or suites where most of the students would receive their own bedroom. The suites also come with a common room and typically house 5 students with 4 bedrooms.

Canaday also has a dorm-wide common room and basement, with televisions and an air-hockey table. The laundry room is also in the shared basement, where there are 6 washing machines and 6 dryers for students to use.


The Canaday mascot is a camel.