Circle of Women

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Circle of Women
Members 10
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

Circle of Women collaborates with communities eager to implement innovative, sustainable, and localized solutions to increase girls’ access to quality secondary school. The Harvard chapter of Circle of Women works to support girls' education projects through fundraising projects, awareness events, and more.

Comp Process

Circle of Women has no comp - join anytime!


Circle of Women is made up of two co-presidents, with the rest of the group being general membership who take equal parts in decision-making and carrying out assignments. The club is small and collaborative, but should club membership expand in the fall there will be specific positions for people to fill (e.g. social media chair, logistics chair).


We are an organization that is unafraid to participate in successful and not-so-successful fundraisers, as long as we give it our best effort! Not every club is going to find its members lugging huge sacks of Panera Bread bagels from Mather to Smith Center on a cold winter morning!