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House Currier
Neighborhood Quad
Address 64 Linnaean Street
Residential Buildings Daniels, Gilbert, Bingham, Tuchman
Faculty Dean(s) Latanya Sweeney, Sylvia Barrett
Resident Dean(s)
House Administrator Alana Ryan

Currier is one of the 12 upperclassmen houses. It was opened in September 1970, and is named after Audrey Bruce Currier. It is one of the three quad houses, along with Cabot and Pforzheimer.


Student housing in Currier is separated into for towers: Daniels, Gilbert, Bingham, and Tuchman. Sophomores typically live in Daniels. Most students in Currier House receive singles all three years. The singles are typically hallway singles adjoined with another single via a bathroom. In Daniels, the bathroom consists of only a sink and there is a hallway bathroom for each floor. In the other towers, the adjoining bathroom is a full bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink.

There are laundry machines in each tower. In Daniels, this is in the basement. In Tuchman, Bingham, and Gilbert, the laundry machines are on the top floor.


The Currier Dining Hall is considered by some to be the best upperclassman dining hall. The dining hall is on the ground floor of the house, and allows indoor access to all of the other towers. A notable feature of the Currier dining hall is that it has no inter-house dining restrictions.


Currier House has a dance studio that is used by many dance groups.