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Student Organizations

Harvard is home to over 450 registered student organizations, ranging from music ensembles to cultural affinity groups to comedy performance.

Residential Life


Harvard offers more than 3,700 courses, ranging from lectures to seminars to studio courses to research. During shopping week, students have a chance to sit in on classes and ultimately register by the end of the week.

While the Wiki isn't meant to replace the course catalog, we're working to write about student experiences in the more popular classes in each concentration. For detailed information about course descriptions their Q guide scores, go to and explore!

Harvard Terms

We've included cultural traditions and terminology here.


We've linked relevant maps of Harvard here. While building layouts aren't available to the public, you can access them via your house or dorm website.


There are over 90 eateries within walking distance of Harvard Yard, from cozy coffee shops to mom and pop bagel shops to Thai restaurants. For the full list, check out this website, but we've listed some student favorites here.


We're populating this category with notable professors, administrators, and staff.


Yes, prefrosh, we see you. Here's why you should choose Harvard!