ECON 10A: Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)

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Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)
Course Head Jason Furman and David Laibson
Semester Fall
Last run Fall 2019
Q-Guide Overall 3.70 (Fall 2019)
Q-Guide Workload (hrs/week) 5.33 (Fall 2019)
Enrollment 607 (Fall 2019)
Fulfills Social Sciences

ECON 10A, more commonly known as Ec 10A, is the introductory microeconomics course taught at Harvard. It is the first half of the introductory economics series, and students typically take Ec 10B (macroeconomics) in the Spring. Previously, the course was run by Gregory Mankiw, but in Fall 2019, the course is now run by Jason Furman and David Laibson.