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House Eliot
Neighborhood River West
Address 101 Dunster St
Residential Buildings ?
Faculty Dean(s) Doug Melton and Gail O'Keefe
Resident Dean(s) Andrea Wright
House Administrator Sue Weltman

Eliot House is one of twelve undergraduate residential Houses at Harvard University. Located in the River West neighborhood next to the Charles River, it is one of the seven original houses at the College. Opened in 1931, the house was named after Charles William Eliot, who served as president of Harvard. Before Harvard changed to the housing lottery system for upperclassmen housing, Eliot was known as a 'prep' house, providing accommodation to the university's social elite, and being known as "more Harvard than Harvard". Nowadays, Eliot is ranked among the most preferred upperclassmen houses by first-years.

Housing and Renovations

Eliot is contained as one contiguous building surrounding its courtyard, structured in vertical entryways around the house. Eliot has not been recently renovated yet.


Eliot's dining hall is located adjacent to its entry on the right-hand side. Its dining hall features a view of the courtyard and a nice chandelier! Additionally, Eliot has "brain break" snacks available in its dining hall every weekday night. These snacks range from bagels, cereal, Chex Mix, and crackers to blondies, cookies, and cakes.


Common Rooms

Art Room: The House’s art studio, complete with easels and other necessities of artistic endeavor, is located in the basement under A-entry.

Dance Studio: The dance studio comes complete with a mirrored wall (and, strangely enough, a pole). It is available to both individuals and larger groups, and it hosts occasional dance and yoga classes. The Dance Room is located in the basement between C and D-entries.

Golden Arm: Located in the basement of F entryway, The Golden Arm is Eliot's best movie watching space. Screenings are held regularly (watch the house email list). If you wish to organize a screening, please reserve the room on the website and check out the key from the Building Manager's office.

Eliot Grille: The Eliot grille boasts great burgers and sandwiches, a large selection of malts and smoothies. And mozzarella sticks!

Eliot JCR: Located in H-entry. Although the JCR may be reserved for study breaks and meetings of HoCo and other special groups, it is primarily intended for conversation, browsing, board games, or playing the room’s Steinway piano.

Tower Room: The tower room is accessible through H entry, and contains a grand piano given to the House by one of its best-known alumni, Leonard Bernstein.

Eliot also contains its own woodshop, art room, and other common rooms!

Eliot Library

Located on the second floor of C entryway, Eliot's stately library is accessible to Eliot students 24 hours a day though swipe access.


The newly renovated weight room contains ergonometers and other exercise equipment for student use. The Weight Room is located in the basement between D and F-Entries.

Notable Alumni

Notable alumni of Leverett include James Agee, Leonard Bernstein, Archibald Cox, Eduardo Saverin, Ted Kaczynski, and Jay Rockefeller.