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Members 25
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? No

HackHarvard is Harvard's annual hackathon, which hosts 500+ hackers from all over the world to build super cool projects over the course of a weekend!

Comp Process

The comp process involves an application and an interview.

Organizational Structure

HackHarvard does not have a rigid hierarchy, but it has a "Core" group of members that lead the subteams: Logistics, Hacker Experience, Sponsorships, and Design.

Highlights and Events

The Hackathon

The hackathon itself is an amazing experience — a massively fun Costco run, spicy ramen challenge, talking to hackers and seeing what they create, and more super fun moments. At the end of fall semester, HackHarvard invite the whole club out to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet in downtown Boston. Then, in early spring semester, the club goes on a club retreat!


"It's the only club I've seen where freshmen could take a large role -- in fact, a freshman MC'd our closing ceremony last year!"

"You'll get to be a part of a very tight-knit, chill group of people as your throw together an incredible event."