Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO)

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Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra
Members ~80
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? No

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO) is Harvard’s premier symphonic orchestra and also the oldest symphony orchestra in America, tracing its roots to the founding of the Harvard Pierian Sodality in 1808. As both a student-run organization and a class in Harvard’s Department of Music, HRO gives qualified instrumentalists the opportunity to continue performing orchestral music at a very high level throughout their college career.

Comp Process

HRO typically holds auditions sometime between the end of August and the beginning of September (Last year, they occurred from August 30 to September 3). Auditions are 6 minutes long (although you should prepare at least 10 minutes of music) and you should prepare two contrasting works from your instrument's standard repertoire. Our conductor, Maestro Federico Cortese, holds all the auditions and likes to hear different elements of playing, so it's usually best to choose pieces with fast, technical spots as well as slow, lyrical sections. No scales or sight-reading. Look out for audition sign-ups on our website.

Organizational Structure

HRO is led by an Executive Board and a General Board. Members of the Executive Board oversee and work with members of the General Board to manage everything from orchestra finances to day-to-day operations. Executive Board positions include President, Vice President, Financial Director, Operations Director, Creative Director, Internal Relations Director, and Communications Director. Executive Board elections occur at the end of the first semester, and are open to all members of the orchestra.

General Board membership encompasses outreach, social, logistics, librarian, and media positions. Any member of HRO is invited to interview for a General Board position, which occurs after Executive Board elections have concluded.

From our post-concert parties, to our wholesome holiday baking gatherings, HRO tries very hard to provide an inclusive and welcoming social environment for all members of the orchestra. Members with all degrees of musical background have been able to find a home in HRO, and we hope to provide a music-oriented community for incoming frosh and new members!