Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association

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Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association
Members 50
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association (HRSFA) is the undergraduate speculative fiction association at Harvard University. We are a social club. There is nowhere else at Harvard that you'll find so many people who share your interests in speculative fiction (science-fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, comics, television series) and gaming (boardgames, cards, computer/console/video, and role-playing). Our association is structured as a solar system; one sun, the main organization, with many Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that focus on specific activities making up the body and planets of our group. Our SIGs range from Anime, Gaming, Books, D&D, Comics, Writing, Cinema, or anything else anyone wants to create. We accept everyone; just join our mailing list, come to any of our various events, and that's it!

Comp Process

The Science Fiction Association has no comp process - just join the email list! Join in the fall, spring, at any time!


We have a board of elected and appointed positions that are re-elected every spring semester. It consists of 2-3 Co-Chairs (Co-Presidents), the Major Domo (Social Chair), the Seneschal (Secretary), the Exchequer (Treasurer), the Webmaster, and the Librarian. These positions are open to any member of HRSFA that will be able to serve for a full two semesters. Our culture is relaxed and informal, and we are welcoming to any new members from any background!


Here are testimonials by a few of our members:

I came to Harvard looking for a good board game community, and I've found that at HRSFA. Every week, I do the stuff I love with some really awesome people, and I couldn't ask for a better way to spend my Friday nights.
I spent my freshman year trying out a ton of activities, looking for the one that would satisfy some amorphous unknown goal. I tried activities for prestige or out of high school interest; but in my sophomore year, I found HRSFA, which finally made me feel a sense of community and mutual support and nerdom that was really what I needed. Just knowing that I have an organization where I can find people who share my interests and build a weekly meeting around that is incredible.