Harvard Asian American Dance Troupe (AADT)

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Harvard Asian American Dance Troupe
Members 200
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

For over twenty years, the Harvard Asian American Dance Troupe (AADT) has sought to spread an appreciation and awareness of Asian culture through dance. Our repertoire includes a diverse range of dance forms including traditional, ethnic minority, martial arts, modern, ballet, hip-hop, and fusion.

Our pieces are student choreographed or arranged and feature both undergraduate and graduate dancers. We hope to encourage interaction and collaboration with other dance groups on campus and make AADT a reflection of Harvard’s diverse and creative environment.

We host two annual productions: Horizon during the fall semester, and Eastbound during the spring. In addition, we perform regularly at cultural and educational events on campus and beyond, including Cultural Rhythms and Arts First, and Lunar New Year banquets.

Comp Process

AADT has no comp (just join!). The Asian American Dance Troupe is proud of our inclusive, no-audition policy - we welcome dancers of all experience levels and cultural identities! Each semester, we have a wide range of traditional and hip-hop pieces on show, from absolute beginner level to more technically challenging dances. No prior dance experience required; in fact, many of our board members had never danced before joining AADT. Only requirements are willingness to learn and an interest in Asian/Asian American dance!


AADT is famous for having one of the most vibrant and tight-knit communities of any campus organization - perhaps the biggest testament to this is the number of our alumni who fly in from across the United States every year to sit in the front row at our shows! The troupe is a place to get away from the academic and pre-professional competition that can often take over Harvard life: many of us have found a big, happy 200-person family in AADT, and we hope that you will too :)

AADT's board usually consists of nine members: positions include treasurer, secretary, social chair, artistic director, publicity chair, tech chair, design chair and captain. We hold elections every spring for the coming school year, and are always looking for new ideas and fresh faces on our board.


Our two shows, Horizon in the fall and Eastbound in the spring, are definitely the highlights of the year - they're always a full house, and we love to see our alumni come back to cheer us on! Aside from the shows and regular rehearsals for each dance (which are highlights of every week in their own right), our amazing social chair keeps us busy with events throughout the year: Eclipse and Crunkbound, our lit show after-parties; Feastbound and Chowrizon, our wholesome post-show Thai food feasts; and monthly troupe-wide socials, including our annual Lunar New Year dumpling-making social.

Contact Us

Email aadt.board@gmail.com, follow us on Instagram @harvardaadt, and like our Facebook page (Harvard Asian American Dance Troupe) to stay up to date on all of our events!