Harvard Black Men's Forum

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Harvard Black Men's Forum
Members 150
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? No

As an organization, we strive to foster a supportive atmosphere of brotherhood among the black masculine identifying community on campus. We are concerned with political, social, and cultural issues regarding black men on Harvard University’s campus and beyond, and we promote greater awareness and understanding of these issues through all appropriate means, including publications, meetings, seminars, and active engagement with the community.

Comp Process

A week of encouraged orientation during the first days of school.

Organizational Structure

The executive board holds a President, Vice President, Secretary, Political Action Chair, Public Service Chair, Alumni Chair, Development Chair, Social Chair as well as 2 freshman reps. The culture can be boiled down to "brotherhood" in every way.


There is no more fun party than a BMF party like March Madness or Jollies. We also have a brotherhood banquet in the fall with keynote speakers, awards, and amazing food. The weekly meetings are always stimulating. There is always some type of weekend event whether it be 2k tournaments or basketball.