Harvard College Bhangra

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Harvard College Bhangra
Members 20
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? No

Harvard College Bhangra is a group of students from Harvard and the Boston area. Since 2004, our team has come together to keep the culture of Bhangra -- a traditional, high-energy folk dance from Punjab -- alive. Through performances on Harvard's campus as well as showcases and competitions outside of Harvard, we strive to share our love for Bhangra with as many people as possible. Comprised of people of different cultural, social, and academic backgrounds, our team prides itself on its commitment to community and love for dance. There is no dance experience required to join our team, we welcome anyone who is ready to dance and have fun in a loving community.

Comp Process

Bhangra has an open, audition comp process. Auditions are open to all members of the Harvard community and the larger Boston community! Our audition process is meant to be fun and low-stress! We do not expect any previous bhangra or dance experience as we spend the first few weeks of rehearsals making sure everyone grasps the basic footwork of bhangra before teaching our set! We host two auditions during the first month of school and begin rehearsals as a new team immediately after!

If you are interested in joining after our auditions pass, reach out to us and we can accommodate you!

Organizational Structure

We have a set of co-captains who are responsible for leading practices and coordinating the team’s organization. A board of returning members helps the captains in logistics, such as handling finances and coordinating showcases/competitions. Above all, however, we are a dance team and have members from all class years help in choreography, costume design, and rehearsal.


What I love most about HCB is that it is not just an incredible dance team (with performances multiple times a year, from Andaaz to ArtsFirst), but also a family. One of my favorite memories is Secret Sardaar, our annual Secret Santa exchange; I can honestly say that sitting in a circle that night and celebrating the holidays with all my team members felt like home.
Nikhil Dharmaraj, ‘23
Aside from all the fun I have each week dancing, Bhangra has given me some great friends on campus. My memories from Bhangra extend well beyond practices and performances to random inside jokes and spontaneous meetups which have made college all the more exciting.
Shuvom Sadhuka, ‘22
HCB is first and foremost a family that loves to dance and spend time together. My favorite moments are the moments before our performances, when we’re all getting hyped up together and joking around. It makes going out on stage even more exciting and meaningful - and worthy of those post-performance McDonald’s runs!
Divya Vatsa, ‘21
Bhangra was a great stress-buster freshman year, and I‘m grateful that it’s given me some of my greatest workouts, fondest memories, and closest friends.
Prasidh Chhabria, ‘22
Stepping into practice every week always brings a huge smile to my face. High energy and dyanamic, bhangra is a dance form that can light up the room and the hearts of those dancing. Practicing, performing, and celebrating with the team have been the highlights of my college career. We also are involved in hosting Raunak, an intercollegiate dance showcase where we get to meet dancers from all around the country and make new friends. All of these experiences make my bhangra experience so memorable and precious
Setu Mehta, '21
Bhangra is honestly such a beautiful community on this campus filled with positive, driven, goofy, and talented people who have become some of my closest friends. Dancing on its own grounds me and helps me get out of my own head - makes me feel lighter and happier. But dancing on a team brings a whole nother component of accountability and trust and drive. Everyone’s working towards the same goal and is passionate about creating and inspiring and it pushes me to be better. I’m so grateful for this team 🙂
Nikita Jindal, '22