Harvard College Consulting Group (HCCG)

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Harvard College Consulting Group
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard College Consulting Group is a student-run, nonprofit organization that solves strategic problems for businesses and nonprofits while fostering personal and leadership development for its members. Every semester, HCCG’s case teams work for 18 high-profile clients (including Snapchat, Marriott International, Reebok, Louis Vuitton, and American Cancer Society this year alone) on projects ranging from market entry to sales strategy and data analysis. HCCG has no semester-long comp process and requires no prior consulting or business experience. After a short interview process at the beginning of the semester, new analysts undergo rigorous training and are then staffed on their cases. In addition to casework, HCCG members enjoy frequent opportunities to bond with members of all different roles in the organization throughout the semester, from weekly study breaks to concerts and sporting events in Boston to the semesterly Final Party.

We want everyone to be able to join HCCG, regardless of socioeconomic status. For that reason, we offer a scholarship program, giving out tens of thousands of dollars per semester to allow a larger group of students to consider HCCG.

Additionally, the HCCG Office will be opening for the first time in the fall! Our very own 3,000 sq. ft. property in Harvard Square will be the perfect place for HCCG members to meet with their teams, collaborate on classwork, or just relax and hang out with each other.

Comp Process

The HCCG application consists of three parts, a written application and two interview rounds, all of which occur over the course of one week.

Written Application: The process begins with a written portion. Here, we aim to get a sense of your motivations for applying, skills and strengths, as well as past experiences. We just want to get to know who you are and the qualities you possess that might make you an effective analyst.

First Round Interview: In this 15-minute interview, you will chat with one board member and be asked a few background questions. These fit questions might begin with “Tell me about a time when...” or assess how you would approach researching a problem. We recommend treating this as a conversation — our biggest piece of advice here is to be honest and be yourself.

Second Round Interview: This 20-minute interview will be with two board members. You will be asked to research a mock business problem released beforehand and during the interview, give a 5-minute presentation and respond to some follow-up questions about it. Here, we look for strong research and analytical skills, as they are foundational to almost all of the work you would be doing as an analyst in HCCG.

HCCG provides several resources to support applicants in this process, including general info sessions before the process starts, targeted info sessions such as "Women's Tea" and other diversity receptions, and office hours with current HCCG Case Team Leaders so that applicants can ask broad questions about their research before their final interview.

New members of the group receive onboarding training, and as members move into different positions in the organization, they receive additional role-specific training.

Cases and Clients

Past clients who allowed HCCG to use their name in marketing include Microsoft, Pepsi, Snapchat, The Atlantic, Cisco, and NBC Universal. The majority of clients sign an NDA with HCCG.

Each case team consists of six undergraduate members: three analysts, two associates, and a Case Team Leader (CTL). All members in good standing are eligible to apply for promotion at the end of each semester. Fourteen board members round out HCCG's membership.

All members receive general and role-specific training.

Organizational Structure

Each six-person team is led by a Case Team Leader, who oversees the research and analysis of two Associates and three Analysts. The group overall is led by a 14-person Board, consisting of one Director, two Vice Directors, and 12 Associate Directors who all help ensure that cases and non-casework-related events run smoothly.

For more on the culture of HCCG, see this page for an overview of the HCCG community and this page for a week in the life of an Analyst!

Member Experience

As highlighted on our community page, HCCGers take part in a number of memorable events throughout each semester. In Takes Bostons, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know other members through a lineup of events in Boston that members attend, ranging from concerts to sporting events to fancy brunches and more. We also hold several themed study breaks for members, with some favorite highlights including HCCG Olympics and Kong and Pong.

Each case team also gets a dedicated budget for case team bonding, which they use to enjoy outings to nice restaurants, paintballing, etc., oftentimes with other case teams.

Finally, each semester culminates in a group-wide celebration — Final Party, where members celebrate the semester’s successes at a nice venue with great food and even better company. Past venues include Fenway Park, Searles Castle, and the JFK Presidential Library.

See this page for testimonials from current HCCG members on the highlights of their HCCG experiences!