Harvard College Economics Review (HER)

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Harvard Economics Review
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard College Economics Review is an undergraduate annual periodical addressing issues of national and global importance through economic analyses accessible to professionals and common readers alike. We feature articles and interviews with some of the world’s most prominent economists in academia, business, and government, as well as an online platform with regular contributions from our Harvard staff. All (Harvard and non-Harvard) are welcome to submit articles and essays for publication on the website or the print magazine.

Comp Process

The Harvard Economics Review has an open, completion-based comp. New members start as junior staff writers and become senior staff writers after completing the comp process over the summer, fall, or spring. The process involves writing two articles on topics of your choosing (topics have ranged from trade policy to the economics of hip hop), and you'll receive thorough guidance and feedback along the way. Compers get matched with upperclassmen mentors who help them learn how to write critical and well-researched articles about economics-related ideas, and they're also there to help guide you through your transition into college life in any way they can.

Member Experience

Members who complete the comp process will be listed as senior staff writers on the masthead, and they also have the option to apply for editorial positions after their first semester on the team. We host socials (pregames, poker nights, movie screenings) for members to hang out and talk about anything from monetary policy to gossip from the Bachelor.


I comped in the summer before freshman year, and I was so grateful to come onto campus with an organization I felt passionate about and already knowing upperclassmen who cared about me. Everything works at the pace you want; your involvement can be laid back if you prefer, but for me I was especially grateful to be able to become an editor right after freshman fall. I've met some of the kindest people that I know on campus through the Review, and I can't wait to meet the newest members of our community!
Jimmy Lin, Co-Editor in Chief