Harvard Computer Society (HCS)

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Harvard Computer Society
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard Computer Society is an undergraduate student group dedicated to promoting interest in computing and technology in the Harvard community. HCS brings speakers to talk about technology and works on a variety of projects throughout the year. In the past, these have included giving seminars on computer topics, improving the technological tools available to student groups, and organizing the wildly popular Valentine's Day Datamatch. HCS also provides web space, mailing lists, and email accounts which many Harvard student organizations rely on.

No experience is required to get involved. To join, students simply need to go through a completion-based bootcamp in either of the fall or spring semesters. Example topics from bootcamps in the past include data mining, working with APIs, web scraping, and web development.

The current board of HCS for 2020 is as follows:

Co-Presidents: Manasi Maheshwari and Andrea Zhang

Directors of Business: Ryan Kim and Mike Bao

Directors of Education: William Cooper and Mark Pekala

Director of Community: Anna Wang

Directors of Relations: Ethan Lee and Maegan Jong

Directors of Technology: Hanuel Shin, Vassilios Kaxiras, and Teddy Lin