Harvard Financial Analysts Club (HFAC)

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Harvard Financial Analysts Club
Members 800+
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard Financial Analysts Club (HFAC) is Harvard's largest finance organization on campus, with over 800 student members and a $40,000 investment portfolio under management. HFAC provides the Harvard student body with sound financial education programs and real-world investment experience. After completion of the comp, students can help manage HFAC’s open-end mutual fund, an equity portfolio under the direction of the club’s student and alumni members. In addition to its weekly comp and fund meetings, HFAC hosts guest speakers and conducts networking events with finance professionals and former members.

Comp Process

The HFAC comp consists of a semester-long course where compers are introduced to important concepts in financial analysis. Topics include accounting basics, comparative analysis, financial modeling, and creating effective stock pitches. There are weekly lectures when the Chief Education Officer teaches the concepts, and also weekly sections where these concepts are discussed and reinforced. At the end of the comp, compers will be required to present a pitch on a stock of their choosing, and the best stock pitch team will receive a financial reward.

Organizational Structure

HFAC is split into three main programs: comp, asset management (AM), and quant. After a semester of comp, members join AM and will take a deeper look at topics discussed in comp in our Investment Research (IR) program, or will craft stock pitches in teams of 8 to present to all of AM in our Senior Investment Research (SIR) program. Through HFAC Quant, mathematically inclined students can receive mentorship and guidance regarding a career in quantitative finance. Members solve challenging problems, contribute to semester-long projects, discuss seminal research papers, and form connections with other students who have been through the recruiting process.

Under HFAC's two co-presidents, officers are split into finance-side and operations-side positions. Operations-side officers help the club run smoothly and plan large events including HFAC's annual intercollegiate stock pitch competition, an NYC firm tour, and diversity events. Finance-side officers lead SIR teams to create successful stock pitches, manage the portfolio, and maintain relations with outside investors. In addition, two education officers lead the comp, and one quant officer leads the quant program.


Through HFAC quant‘s poker nights, retreats, and senior member office hours, I’ve made such an invaluable group of friends that I know I can go to for advice, interview prep, or just for a good game of market making around the dates of historical events. Sorry that you didn’t know I knew that the Battle of Hastings was in 1066!
Jasmine Huang, COO
My favorite moment of HFAC was as a sophomore when my group and I pitched Lakeland Industries, and Tylko (our former CIO) came out in a hazmat suit.
Harsha Paladugu, Co-President
Once I saw how supportive, hilarious, and caring everyone in HFAC is, finance lost all of its intimidation factor.
Nicole Rozelman, Director of External Affairs
I’m really grateful for the upperclassmen I was able to meet through HFAC. They taught me how to navigate the recruiting cycle, and I’ve learned things from them about finance I couldn’t learn anywhere else at Harvard. In a world where not all advice is good advice, I’m glad I’ve found an organization like HFAC that I can trust to guide me in the right direction.
Sarah Hong, CIO