Harvard International Review (HIR)

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Harvard International Review
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard International Review (HIR) is a quarterly magazine offering insight on international affairs from the perspectives of scholars, leaders, and policymakers. HIR is a member organization of the International Relations Council.

The HIR has readership spanning six continents and can be found at newsstands and major bookstores. The HIR has featured contributions from a number of established scholars and policymakers from around the world, including Nelson Mandela, Paul Krugman, Condoleezza Rice, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Ban Ki-Moon, and The Dalai Lama.


The HIR is organized into different "boards" that focus on different aspects of the publication. The organization is led by the editor(s) in chief (EIC), who are elected at the end of the spring semester. The new EIC(s) then interview members to become board chairs or join leadership positions. The new leadership takes office at the beginning of the Fall semester.

Writing Board

The Writing Board is responsible for producing content written primarily by the club's undergraduate members. Articles from the writing board typically consist of independent research by the writer and consists of both expository on a topic as well as some editorial perspective. Approximately half of the articles in any given issue of HIR print magazine will consist of articles from the Writing Board.

Soliciting Board

The Soliciting Board is responsible for producing content that is written by experts or prominent figures in global politics. Members of the Soliciting Board reach out to global leaders and experts to ask them to write articles that will be published in the HIR print edition. The soliciting board also includes content that primarily consists of interviews with major international figures.

Design Board

The design board is responsible for the design of the quarterly print magazines and the layout of the magazine itself.

Tech Board

The tech board is responsible for maintaining and developing the HIR website, and for publishing articles online in a viable format.

Comp Process

The HIR has an open, completion-based comp process that is different depending on which board is being comped. For content producing boards, the comp process involves attending comp meetings each week, writing one comp article, and writing one longer form article that will eventually be published either online or in print by the HIR.

For tech or design boards, compers are expected to complete a project of some kind over the course of the comp. This can include developing a new feature for the site for tech board compers, or creating a design for an article for design board compers.