Harvard Undergraduate Consulting on Business and the Environment (CBE)

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Harvard Undergraduate Consulting on Business and the Environment
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

Harvard Undergraduate Consulting on Business and the Environment (CBE) is a unique group dedicated to providing strategic consulting services to companies and non-profits of all sizes around the world. We specialize in sustainability focused initiatives, but work within the life sciences and tech industries as well. Our impact is also focused on campus initiatives, through Sustainability Awards and Sustainability Grants, as well as through our Financial Aid program open to all members. CBE is a community oriented organization that values individual growth as well as professional development.

Comp Process

The CBE application has an open, competitive comp with two rounds of interviews.

There is no recommended preparation. We understand that many students are not aware of what consulting is before joining our group. Before our interviews, we provide extensive resources to help prospective members. We hold a week long "recruitment" process that is meant to familiarize students with our club mission. Before each round we provide background material and hold office hours before our second round. We hope to make the recruitment process as accessible as possible. We welcome students from all educational backgrounds and with differing ranges of familiarity with consulting.

Organizational Structure

Members work in case teams with clients throughout the semester. We are incredibly welcoming as a club. Not only do our case teams facilitate a sense of community, but each student also belongs to a "family" that is meant to foster close relationships. By the end of each semester, members truly feel a sense of connection with their peers. In terms of roles, they are flexible: we offer a multitude of leadership positions and board positions. Students belong to case teams that work with individual clients.

Member Experience

We host midpoint parties and formals each semester, aside from weekly study breaks (food galore!), hangouts (spontaneous and planned!), and outings (which include concerts, paintball, movies, theater performances, etc.). Each member is also a part of a family that hosts more intimate hangouts ranging from going out to eat, hosting a game night, movie nights, or doing other fun things that members suggest! A recent best memory was of family reveal night where each family competed in various competitions (like charades, pictionary, oreo eating...). We're keeping the bonding going over Zoom!


I've met some of my best friends through CBE.
Kiana Ziadkhanpour, Director of Operations
I like CBE because I get to explore and learn about new topics and industries alongside amicable, curious, and hardworking people.
Diego Cachay
Harvard CBE was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made on campus. It is the perfect combination of truly everything I would want from an organization: professional development and learning skills applicable to any job, service and working on projects that improve sustainability locally and globally, and most importantly the best damn group of friends/community at Harvard.
Javin Pombra
Unlike any other club and even Harvard itself, CBE is a uniquely supportive community that is there for its members during the good times, but more importantly, during the tough times. For example, when everyone was scrambling to book flights, move out, and say goodbye to their friends, CBE took it upon themselves to help all their members out in any way possible and was so incredibly supportive!
Jenny Gan

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us and follow us on socials! Email: harvardcbe@gmail.com

Instagram: @harvardcbe

Facebook: @harvardcbe

Website: [harvardcbe.com]