Harvard Undergraduate Machine Intelligence Community

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Harvard Undergraduate Machine Intelligence Community
(Harvard MIC)
Members 20
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

Harvard MIC is a community of undergraduates aiming to promote and foster interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The organization hosts technical workshops on both introductory and advanced topics in machine learning, work on challenging real-world problems, and discuss the current state of the field. Most importantly, Harvard MIC strives to create a friendly and collaborative environment both for aspiring machine learning researchers and also for people who have just taken their first step into the fascinating and mysterious world of artificial intelligence. The community seeks to equip everyone with knowledge in machine learning and artificial intelligence and prepare them to face the new wave of the future.

Comp Process

Harvard Undergraduate Machine Intelligence Community is an all-inclusive organization. Its comp is solely completion-based and consists of attendance at a weekly machine learning workshop series (an introductory educational bootcamp). No experience is required! For those with more experience in machine learning, Harvard MIC also offers the option of attending our full member workshops and will count that as equivalent to completing the introductory bootcamp. Compers are also welcome at any of our general meetings, including advanced workshops and reading groups. The educational comp is meant to build community among club members and give everyone a fundamental foundation in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Organizational Structure

Harvard MIC's leadership board currently consists of three co-presidents, an outreach chair, a social butterfly, a reading czar, two student advisors, and two faculty advisors. The organization is rapidly expanding and hopes to add several board positions in the upcoming year, including co-vice presidents, treasurers, and secretaries. Especially excited for the classes of 2024 and beyond to join our club and board to continue our work!

The Machine Intelligence Community also has a set of core values it stands to uphold. The first is openness: the Machine Intelligence Community is inclusive and diverse. We welcome everyone and encourage minorities to join us. The second value is education first: we aim to provide surface area for intellectual engagement. Our primary focus is teaching members and the community at-large about machine intelligence. The third value is community: we hope to cultivate and connect communities and like-minded students to accelerate progress in machine intelligence.


In addition to educational workshops, the highlight of the club is the machine learning research paper reading group. Every 1-2 weeks, a board member, club member, or guest speaker presents a paper on a foundational or cutting-edge topic in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, or a closely related field. The reading group is a great way to not only hone your ML and research skills and see how machine learning is applied to real-world problems but also to socialize with fellow club members and experts in both academia and industry!

"On top of our existing initiatives, we are always open to new ideas from club members — as a member, you will have the unique opportunity of both learning from experts and having a significant stake in the future of the organization."