Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club

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Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club
Members 100
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club (HURC) seeks to provide undergrads not only the opportunity to participate in exciting and educational projects, but also to build a warm and passionate community! At the end of each school year, we compete at university robotics competitions across the world. Our current projects include PacBot, Robocup, and our training project, SumoBot!

Comp Process

HURC has an open, completion-based comp. No experience is necessary. Our training project is in the fall semester, but those with sufficient experience can join a project in spring. Complete the training project and have fun!


We are an inclusive club, open to all concentrators and levels of experience! We have 3 projects, including 1 training project in the fall. Members can also join the Operations Team, focused on social events and sponsorship, and can also join board as a project manager, treasurer, operations head, or co-president.


Hackathons every semester have been the highlight of working with your own team and getting to know people from other teams! They usually consist of project-building and mingling! Socials and our sib fams are definitely a big hit, allowing everyone to bond over good food and music. Of course, competitions at the end of the year are the biggest events and ones that bring about lifelong memories.

Contact Us

Email us at hurcofficial@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@hurcoffical)!