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Dorm Hurlbut
Yard Crimson

Hurlbut Hall, a Crimson Yard or "Union" dorm, is located next to Pennypacker and Greenough.


Hurlbut is located close to Lamont Library, Kong, and the Barker Center for Arts and Humanities (which features a Board Plus cafe).

Amenities & Floor Plan

Hurlbut contains 4 floors (Lower Butt 1-2, Upper Butt 3-4), as well as a laundry room, common room, and water filler. Their building manager is named Joseph.

Hurlbut is known for having some of the most desirable first-year housing on campus. Room configurations include large singles clustered around a common space, forming a “pod” and spacious six-person suites.

The hall houses about 60 students, split into two entryways: Lower Butt 1-2 and Upper Butt 3-4.


Built in 1959, the hall is named after Byron Hurlbut, a former dean of Harvard College.

Past notable residents include:

  • James Blake, former professional tennis player
  • Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve
  • Amory Lovins, Chairman/Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Roger Myerson, American economist and professor at the University of Chicago
  • Elizabeth Wurtzel, American writer and journalist, known for the confessional memoir Prozac Nation