Intercollegiate Model United Nations (ICMUN)

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Harvard InterCollegiate Model United Nations Team
Members 70
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

ICMUN is Harvard's competitive Model United Nations team and is part of the larger Harvard International Relations Council (IRC) umbrella. Traveling to eight conferences annually, ICMUN has historically been one of the most successful teams on the US collegiate circuit. ICMUN hosts a fall and spring comp, or try-out. Though it is quite a competitive process, ICMUN aims to balance those who are experienced in Model UN and those who show potential, as our team focuses on mentorship and training throughout the year.

Comp Process

The ICMUN team has an open, competitive comp. The comp process for ICMUN traditionally starts at an the Model Security Council event, a mock Model UN and international relations conference during orientation that serves as the central recruitment point for all programs in the International Relations Council. Participants and all others interested will be invited to a follow up Model UN training conference on campus and two interviews with senior staff members. While the comp process is competitive, ICMUN staff is always happy to help advise potential and active compers on how best to approach the process and the club as a whole.

Organizational Structure

ICMUN is led by a four-person leadership team, titled "Head Delegates". There are separate Directors of Training for GA style and SA style committees, two Chiefs of Staff, and a number of Deputy Directors that travel to conferences and also help build the community.

Under HFAC's two co-presidents, officers are split into finance-side and operations-side positions. Operations-side officers help the club run smoothly and plan large events including HFAC's annual intercollegiate stock pitch competition, an NYC firm tour, and diversity events. Finance-side officers lead SIR teams to create successful stock pitches, manage the portfolio, and maintain relations with outside investors. In addition, two education officers lead the comp, and one quant officer leads the quant program.


The best memories in ICMUN are the struggles, triumphs, and team bonding that come from traveling to conferences! Staff makes sure that the team has numerous opportunities to bond and get to really know each other both while traveling and through weekly socials. ICMUN is a home for all of its members, and has one of the strongest club communities on campus.
Oscar Berry, Chief of Staff