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House Leverett
Neighborhood River East
Address 28 DeWolfe Street
Residential Buildings McKinlock Hall, F Tower, G Tower
Faculty Dean(s) Brian Farrell, Irina Ferreras
Resident Dean(s)
House Administrator Amie Vallerie

Leverett House is the College's biggest (and best) undergraduate House. Leverett House was named after John Leverett, who was President of Harvard from 1708 to 1724 and was Harvard's first non-clergy President. Located next to the river and the John W. Weeks Bridge, Leverett is part of the River East neighborhood (but isn't super far from everything like Dunster and Mather).

Housing and Renovations

The main residential buildings for Leverett House are McKinlock Hall, F Tower, and G Tower, in addition to swing housing in DeWolfe right nearby. Leverett's McKinlock Hall was renovated in 2014 and features many suite-style rooms with doubles and single bedrooms within each suite. In addition, F and G Tower are tall skyscrapers housing many Leverett students and featuring amazing views of the Charles River and Boston skyline right from your room. Students have a choice as to which building they prefer in an annual housing choice.


Leverett's dining hall is located in McKinlock Hall, and is very spacious given Leverett's status as the largest house. Thursday evening dinners are reserved as community nights, at which only Leverett residents can dine. Additionally, Leverett hosts Math Nights on Monday nights, where many math classes hold office hours together.

Additionally, Leverett has "brain break" snacks available in its dining hall every weekday night. These snacks range from bagels, cereal, Chex Mix, and crackers to blondies, cookies, and cakes. Additionally, Leverett hosts a weekly themed STEIN social gathering, which features music, games, and drinks, and food according to the theme of the week.


Common Rooms

Leverett features a variety of common rooms for students. In McKinlock, there is the Rabbit Hole featuring a kitchen, TV area and pool table, in addition to the Junior and Senior Common Rooms and the Leverett Library Theater and other common rooms for studying and hanging out. Additionally, the Leverett Art Room in the McKinlock basement is a spacious room ideal for a wide variety of art forms for artists of all kinds.

F-Tower has F-Hutch on the ground floor, featuring a Game Room filled with arcade games for students to play. In G-Tower, there's G-Hutch, a common room which can be rented out to students for social gatherings on weekends - nicknamed the "G Spot".

Leverett Library

The Leverett Library is a 24-hour library open to all Leverett students, located in the courtyard with the Leverett Towers. The Building Manager's office and package room are also located in the Leverett Library building on the main floor.


Leverett also has a House Gym for its residents located on the ground floor of G-Tower, opposite of G-Hutch. The gym has various free weights and mats, a punching bag, and various cardio and weight machines.

Notable Alumni

Notable alumni of Leverett include Aga Khan IV, Colin Jost, Jeremy Lin, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Cornel West, and Pete Buttigieg.