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Dorm Lionel
Yard Ivy


Lionel Hall, an Ivy Yard dorm, is located at 14 Harvard Yard. Because it is one of the smaller first-year dorms on campus, its residents often have to resort to describing its location as "behind Hollis", "between Mower and Harvard Hall", or "behind and to the left of Stoughton". All jokes aside, Lionel has arguably one of the best locations on campus. Situated right beside Johnston Gate, students have easy access to the Square. While it is located in Harvard Yard, Hollis shields it from tourist traffic. In fact, Lionel Courtyard rarely sees any visitors aside from Lionel residents, so it makes a great place to bond with your entryway mates.

Amenities & Floor Plan

Lionel has two vertical entryways, Lionel A and Lionel B. Each entryway has two suites per floor, totaling five student suites and one proctor suite.

Every Lionel suite boasts an in-suite bathroom and a common room. Suites contain either one single and one double or two doubles, depending on if it has three or four students.

Lionel's basement only has a trash room and a printer, but students often walk next door to Mower to use their basement common room when they wish. Lionel, Mower, Hollis, and Stoughton all share the laundry room in Stoughton's basement.


Lionel Hall, built in 1925, serves as a memorial to Lionel de Jersey, the first and only relative of John Harvard to attend Harvard.

Student Life

Lionel's relatively small size allows its residents to foster a strong sense community in their entryway. Many Lionel residents ultimately choose to block with other members of their entryway when they enter the housing lottery.