Model Security Council

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Model Security Council
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

Model Security Council is the recruitment organization for the International Relations Council (IRC) which runs Harvard's international relations and Model UN programs! MSC actively promotes the IRC programs at Visitas and hosting a full day IR/MUN conference in the fall, from where pre-frosh can begin the comp process for these programs. MSC also engages with pre-frosh over the summer through a mentorship program which pairs pre-frosh to existing IRC students to help guide them through the various international relations programs and with the comp processes.


Model Security Council is led by two Co-Presidents, who manage a team of Vice-Presidents of Departments, who themselves manage a team of Directors who carry out the primary functions of the Departments.

Comp Process

The Model Security Council has an open, competitive comp process. MSC leaders are elected by the IRC board of directors annually in February, after which they begin the process of selecting Vice-Presidents and Directors for various the Communications, Business, Programs, Administration, and Mentorship departments. The process consists of a written application and an interview with senior leadership, after which appointments are made.

Member Experience

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall preparations for recruiting pre-frosh, the MSC team has numerous opportunities to bond. A senior and full staff social takes place during the fall to reward everybody for their hard work, which is a fun and wholesome moment for everybody.