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House Quincy
Neighborhood River Central
Address 58 Plympton Street
Residential Buildings Stone Hall, New Quincy
Faculty Dean(s) Lee Gehrke, Deb Gehrke
Resident Dean(s) Laura Hawkins
House Administrator Krystle Petrie

Quincy House is one of Harvard's nine River Houses, located between Leverett, Lowell, and DeWolfe. It is nicknamed "The People's House" because it seems to belong to everyone at Harvard; its central location and few restrictions enable undergraduates from all Houses and student organizations to meet there freely. Quincy's Officially opened in September 1959, Quincy House symbolized the "new" Harvard and was the first House to be built after construction of the original seven river Houses.

Housing and Renovations

Quincy features two buildings in its courtyard: New Quincy (east side) and Old Quincy/Stone Hall (west side). Additionally, some Quincy students live in DeWolfe swing housing. Old Quincy was renovated in 2013 and opened as the new Stone Hall.

Most sophomores live in hallway singles or doubles in the newly renovated Stone Hall, featuring lively common rooms Some sophomores live in DeWolfe, Harvard’s apartment-style overflow housing across the street.

Also overlooking the courtyard is the famed Balcony Suite. Each year, seniors take on a sixth floor suite with a spacious common area and a luxurious balcony — basically the ideal party space.


Quincy's dining hall is located on the north side of the courtyard, connected to New Quincy and on the far side from the River. Quincy's dining hall is popular for its few restrictions and its elevated view of Harvard Square and the courtyard.

Additionally, Quincy has "brain break" snacks available in its dining hall every weekday night. These nacks range from bagels, cereal, Chex Mix, and crackers to blondies, cookies, and cakes.


Common Rooms

Quincy features a variety of common rooms for students.

Junior Common Room: The premier living room of the House, the JCR hosts Festas!

Kates/Tobin Community Room: Renovated common room and lounge area in the Stone Hall basement!

Rothenberg Meeting Room: This room, which seats 14, provides student groups with a sizable monitor and dry erase painted walls - often used for class sections, club meetings, and studying.

Pottery Studio: There is a pottery studio too!

Arts Community: Last year, Quincy featured events with a Paint Bar, Museum Outings, Improvisation Workshops, Quincy Lip Sync Battle, Cake Decorating

Additionally, Quincy features multiple seminar rooms, other common areas for students to hang out.

Quincy Grille

The Grille also draws in students from all over campus who are looking for a late night bite. With fan-favorites like mozzarella sticks, curly fries, and rotating specialties named after notable House figures, the Grille hits the spot no matter how you’ve spent your night.

Quincy Library

The Quincy House Library reading room is located in the courtyard, and is nicknamed "The Qube" for its structure. Its large tables, comfy couches, venerable book (and comic book) collection are used by students for quiet studying.


Quincy also has a gym located in the basement of New Quincy! When the Quincy Gym was created in 2004, then House Co-Master Robert P. Kirshner joked “An inert body without a gym becomes spherical."

Events and Traditions


Festas are a bi-weekly themed social gathering hosted in the JCR with music, food, and drinks!

Field Day

At the beginning of each academic year, Quincy House hosts a field day in which second, third, and fourth year students compete against each other in athletic contests.

Nerf Assassins

The "Quincy Assassins" is an annual event in which students target a fellow house member with a Nerf gun, until the last Penguin standing wins.

Cake Boss Competition

cake boss competition with battling bakers. Pretty fun!

Lip Sync Battle

It's a lip sync battle. pretty fun!

Notable Alumni

Notable alumni of Quincy include Seth P. Waxman, Phil Bredesen, Lou Dobbs, Suzanne Malveaux, and Tony Hsieh

For more information about Quincy House, please visit quincy.harvard.edu.