Talk:GENED 1148: Moctezuma's Mexico Then and Now: The Past, the Present and Pandemics in North America

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Fall 2020 Student Comments

NOT A GEM NOT A GEM WAY TOO MANY READINGS I REPEAT WAY TOO MANY READINGS. I took the class thinking it would be a gem but there was actually a significant amount of work. Don’t get me wrong the course material is fascinating and the professors are super famous, but don’t take if you’re looking for a gened gem.
This class is known as a gem, but this virtual semester... it was a rusty fake diamond. It wasn't ~difficult~ per se (I got away with not going to a single lecture since they were all recorded) but it can be tedious. Lectures weren't too substantial because they would always be sending people into break out rooms and they made you fill out a spreadsheet to check attendance (which I understood but also it's a pandemic pls). They had 3 short writing assignments which were 2-3 pages (not including bibliographies), 1 take-home midterm that took forever (it was 10 detailed short answer questions and 2 3-page essays so 6 pages of writing total), 1 final project, and 1 final exam which took the same form as the midterm. Like I said, it wasn't ~difficult~ because I didn't go to live lecture and I still managed to complete everything, but there were too many assignments for my liking given how tumultuous the world was outside of class.