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Dorm Thayer
Yard Oak

Thayer is a freshman dorm in Oak Yard. It is one of the most conveniently located freshman dorms, with its south end near the John Harvard Statue and and its north end close to the Science Center, Annenberg, and fellow freshman dorm Canaday.


Thayer was constructed in 1870 and named after Nathaniel Thayer (A.B. 1789), a Boston banker and Harvard benefactor.


Thayer is split into 5 entryways, separated by its 5 floors. It is one of the only freshman dorms with an elevator. Proctors typically live in the middle of each floor, with about 16 freshman suites filling up the rest of the long hallways. Freshman in Thayer typically have 1 or 2 roommates, with each suite containing a common room and 1 or 2 bedrooms. There are shared communal bathrooms on each end of the hallways.

Thayer also has a dorm-wide common room and basement, with a kitchen, study room, televisions, a pool table, and a foosball table. The trash and laundry rooms are also in the shared basement (which are also shared with Holworthy), where there are 15 washing machines and 8 dryers for students to use. Several peer mental health groups also operate in the Thayer basement, including Room 13, Contact, and Indigo.


The Thayer mascot is a toucan.