The Edible

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The Edible
Members 30
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Edible is Harvard's first restaurant and food publication on campus! We love to eat out and try new restaurants all over the Boston area. Our writers, designers, and business board members collaborate to publish both a printed and online restaurant review magazine. We're a group of passionate eaters with a diverse set of talents and interests, so if you are at all interested in writing about your dining experiences, and especially like to eat for free, then check out our website to sign up for updates when you arrive on campus!

Comp Process

The Edible has an open, competitive comp (e.g series of interviews with selection). Our comp process entails writing short reviews (about one page) about a particular dining experience, and we will select compers who demonstrate writing abilities that match the style of our publication.

Organizational Structure

We have three boards: writing, design, and business. These three boards work together in order to produce high quality content for the Harvard community. In each board, there are leadership positions, such as the Editor in Chief, Design Director, and Business Manager. Beyond the publication, we are a social group! We have socials, outings, and retreats, and love to get to know each other.


"One of my favorite parts of joining The Edible was the comp process. There was a comp meeting at the beginning of the semester where we got to meet all the board members and ask questions to the presidents and leaders about the organization. The following week, the comp directors assigned us short and easy articles to write, and gave us useful feedback on how to make my restaurant review stronger. Overall, the process was very low-commitment and fun. I felt extremely welcomed into The Edible, especially when they threw us a post-comp welcoming party!" -Karen Chen