The Harvard Opportunes

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The Harvard Opportunes
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? No

The Harvard Opportunes are Harvard's oldest (and boldest) all-gender a cappella group, bringing you the best that collegiate a cappella has to offer from Harvard since 1980. Our style ranges from the soulful stylings of Beyonce to the epic drama of Labrinth, all the way to the pop hits of Camila Cabello and the funky classics of Michael Jackson.

Audition Process

The Opportunes have an open, competitive comp with auditions.

We hold auditions during the first week of school each Fall, we encourage everyone and anyone to show up for a preliminary audition! All that's needed for preparation is a verse and a chorus of a song you feel comfortable singing; then, you'll get an Opps buddy to help you prepare for each following night of auditions. It's a rewarding audition process where you get to learn a lot!

Organizational Structure

The backbone of leadership of the Opps is the Big 3 – Music Director, President, and Business Manager – but there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who wants to have an Officer position in the Opps! Every person helps out to make the Opps run smoothly, from Vice President to Publicity Manager to Social Chair to just being an engaged group member!

Member Experience

Each semester, the Opportunes perform in one major concert in Harvard's historic Sanders Theater at Memorial Hall. We collaborate with some of the prominent a cappella groups on campus to fill the beautiful space with our music and energy.

Each year over spring break, the Opportunes take a rest from the fast pace of Harvard's campus and venture to new and exciting locations. There, the group enjoys rest and relaxation by day and entertaining our audiences (from school children to resort guests) by night. Past spring break locations have included the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Montreal, Hawaii, Miami, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. The Opportunes also spend a few days touring New York each April, performing publicly in places like Central Park and privately for alumni and private functions.


At the end of the day, being in the Opps is my favorite thing I do on campus because of the incredible bonds between the group members. Whether we're in the rehearsal room, at a gig around in Boston, on spring break in The Bahamas or on tour in New York, there's nothing like performing and striving for musical excellence with your best friends!
Ben Dreier

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