Tuesday Magazine

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Tuesday Magazine
Members 20
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

Tuesday Magazine is a student-run literary magazine that seeks to publish fresh, contemporary work from both students on campus and authors from around the world.

Comp Process

Open, completion-based comp. Compers are expected to attend meetings, recruit submissions, participate in team-building workshops etc.

Organizational Structure

Tuesday Mag has an executive board with a president, managing editor, poetry-prose chair, social chair and digital media chair. Staff members fill out the rest of the organization. The club is a small-tight knit community that's super open to new ideas and allows new members contribute to the magazine from the day one!


"We have an awesome open mic/social to celebrate the end of the semester, which took place this year at the Signet. Lots of great food and fun!"

"We have invited awesome guest speakers for round table discussions like Editor Christiana Thompson from the Harvard Review and Dr. Avik Chatterjee, a creative non-fiction writer and lecturer at Harvard Medical School. The conversations at these events are always so amazing."

"The community is super welcoming and democratic from day one. The weekly team dinners help in forming an openness and camaraderie that helps as we assemble our wonderful magazine."