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Tutors are associated with one of the twelve undergraduate houses and are typically graduate students at one of the Harvard schools, a Harvard employee who meets certain eligibility criteria, or the co-living partner of one.

Tutors serve as formal and informal advisors to undergraduate, organize and run event programming, host study breaks, help students apply to fellowships and internships. Tutors can be thought of as analogs in the Houses to first-year do but typically serve as resources for professional concerns more than proctors do.

Each rising sophomore is assigned a tutor in their House as their Sophomore Advisor before they declare a concentration, and each entryway in a House has one to two tutors living in it who can also serve as mentors and organize entryway study breaks. Such live-in tutors are referred to as resident tutors. Each house has a combination of resident and non-resident tutors.

Houses typically organize tutors into teams that focus on various specialities, including but not limited to Pre-Medicine, Pre-Law, Pre-Career, Mental Health, Race Relations, BGLTQ+, and more.