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Dorm Weld
Yard Elm

Weld Hall has five floors of rooms and a basement, with communal bathrooms on most floors (save the first floor) and in-suite bathrooms in some suites. Weld is one of the only freshman dorms with an elevator.


Weld is in the center of the yard, close to Widener, the Science Center, and nearly every other location.

Amenities & Floor Plan

Weld is split by floor into four entryways (Weld 1-2, Weld 2-3, Weld 3-4, and Weld 4-5).

Weld features a solarium at its top floor: with windows on all walls, it is light and airy, making it a popular place to study. It is possible to access the roof of Weld as well through a window in one of the fifth-floor suites, although doing so is dangerous and can not be explicitly advised.

Weld has a number of amenities in its basement, including a common room, laundry room, vending machines, study room, garbage room, and bathroom. Weld also has a disability-accessible elevator.