Why pick Harvard

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One of the common questions asked by incoming pre-frosh is why they should pick Harvard, and how Harvard compares to other schools in a variety of areas. We've listed a few of the common questions here.


How does Harvard's academics compare to other schools?

Harvard academics is, in general, more focused on theoretical foundations than some other schools are. The focus of Harvard classes is less to prepare students for specific careers, but rather to teach a general knowledge about the subject area.

While Harvard courses are generally rigorous in the material that they teach, the grading tends to be somewhat inflated. The median grade at Harvard is an A-, and many difficult classes are curved so grades tend to be generally high.

Career Prospects

What do career opportunities at Harvard look like in _____ field?

For almost any field that you are interested, you will have the opportunity to find a job in that field at Harvard. There are many recruiters from companies of all kinds that come to Harvard and recruit, as well as many talks and events that allow you to connect from people working in almost every industry imaginable.

What are the common careers for Harvard students post-grad?

Per the Crimson's 2019 senior survey, the three most common career paths after graduating from Harvard are consulting, finance, and technology. A sizable portion of graduates also go into academia, non-profit work, and health work.


What does Harvard community look like?

Harvard community is very multifaceted and can take many forms. For some, this can take the form of extracurricular student organizations, which are typically focused around some kind of shared interest between students. These student organizations also tend to have a social component to them, and often host parties or other gatherings for students.

Houses and dorms also offer a way for students to interact and build community. Each house has a House Committee that plans social events throughout the year.

Finally, some students decide to join Final Clubs or Greek organizations as a part of their social life. There has been some recent controversy over Harvard's decision to force these organizations to become gender-inclusive. While these clubs do host many parties on campus, the majority of students are not members in either Final Clubs or Greek organizations.