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Dorm Greenough
Yard Crimson

Greenough Hall, a Crimson Yard or "Union" dorm, is located at 10 Prescott St and 12 Prescott St, near freshman dorms Pennypacker and Hurlbut.


Greenough is located close to Lamont Library, Kong, and the Barker Center for Arts and Humanities (which features a Board Plus cafe).

Amenities & Floor Plan

Greenough is split by floor into three entryways (Greenough 1, Greenough 2-3, Greenough 3-4). The first floor has two suites of six on either end of the hallway. The Crimson Yard Dean lives in the basement of Greenough, and the suite above the Crimson Yard Dean's room is carpeted.

Greenough is relatively new and has hallway singles, hallway doubles (two single rooms connected by an adjoining door), triples, and suites of six (three singles, one triple, one common room, en suite bathroom).

Greenough has a number of amenities in its basement, including a common room, laundry room, music room (with a piano), vending machines, study room, garbage room, and bathroom. Greenough also has a disability-accessible elevator.