HIST 74N: Major Themes in the Twentieth Century

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Major Themes in the Twentieth Century
Course Head Lisa McGirr
Semester Fall
Last run Fall 2020

The twentieth-century United States is a vibrant and flourishing field of historical study. The goal of this seminar is to introduce students to the central questions, problems and debates in the history of the "American century." Students will learn how the literature of history has developed through reading both older and newer approaches. Readings focus on questions of politics, political culture, the state and social life. The course is both thematic and chronological (as well as necessarily selective). Students are expected to prepare well for seminar and to participate actively in discussion. Each class will begin with a brief introduction to the readings (no more than five minutes) by a member of the seminar. The idea here is for one student to take special responsibility for leading discussion, raising questions and problems posed by the reading.