Harvard Society for Mind Brain and Behavior (HSMBB)

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Harvard Society for Mind Brain and Behavior
Members 40
Fall Comp? Yes
Spring Comp? Yes

The Harvard Society for Mind, Brain, & Behavior (HSMBB) is student group at Harvard dedicated to promoting multidisciplinary dialogue about, awareness of, and interest in topics related to cognitive science. The group organizes weekly academic seminars and teas with distinguished professors in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, & computer science. In addition, they plan a symposium at the end of each semester around a hot topic in the field.

Many students, but not all, involved in HSMBB are currently pursuing a special Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB) track within their concentration. Participating concentrations include: Computer Science, History and Science, Human and Evolutionary Biology, Linguistics, Neurobiology, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Comp Process

No comp, just join! Anyone can be a part of the society. If you attend more than 5 events during the first semester, you can be considered for the mentorship program.

Organizational Structure

There is a board composed of a President, a Secretary/treasurer, a website manager, two social events chairs, a publication manager,, and an academic events chair. We also invite freshman to apply to be a freshman representative. Applications to apply for freshman representatives are open in the fall and in the spring for other board positions.

Highlights, Events, and History


There is a biannual symposium that features experts in fields pertaining to topics in mind, brain, and behavior (usually Harvard faculty). There are also a couple big socials where you can meet other students with similar interests to ask for advice or to just have an interesting conversation. Additionally, HSMBB organizes a series of events, including lectures and dinners with professors and graduate students.

Members of HSMBB can attend any of these events and even suggest and help organize them!

Mentorship Program

Specially for the second semester, HSMBB has a mentorship program that pairs undergrad HSMBB members with graduate students who are researching these topics. Over the semester, HSMBB funds coffee chats and encourage undergrads to use their mentors as resources for thinking about their concentrations and future plans.


In response to the recent explosion of interest in the university-wide Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB) initiative, HSMBB was officially formed in the fall of 2002.